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How to Stop Smelly Feet
Smelly feet aren't much fun for anyone but there are some simple things you can do to make sure your feet stay fresh. Medically known as bromidrosis, stinky feet can be a bit embarra...
by alexda  on  16th Jul,09    views 7199

Excessive Hand Sweating - Is There a Solution to This Problem?
Palmar Hyperhidrosis is a medical term used to describe excessively sweaty hands. The heightened activity of the sympathetic nervous system causes the profuse sweating. Hence, the prefix hyper. &...
by Jo Clouds  on  16th Jul,09    views 7210

How Sweating Affected My Life
I use to sweat so much that my white t-shirts would last about 1 month before I would have to go out and buy more-they all had huge yellow stains under the armpits. I no longer have to buy n...
by Robert Stanford  on  16th Jul,09    views 7191

How to Stop Sweating Through a Bra
Sweating is a natural body function, however why do some people sweat more than others? Sweating is necessary, its purpose is to control and maintain our body temperature. Sweating is normal and ...
by Benjamin Wise  on  16th Jul,09    views 7204

Excess Sweating Of The Head And Hair
Sweating is a normal and healthy thing. It is normal to sweat especially if you are experiencing warm weather, have been exercising, are experiencing emotional stress or anxiety. All the above reas...
by Joseph Tierney  on  16th Jul,09    views 7221

Excessive Sweating Underarms
Excessive sweating of the under arms is never a pleasant experience. When we are in the company of an individual who endures such a condition, people around him/her are able to realize the matter i...
by Joseph Tierney  on  16th Jul,09    views 7213

Why Sweat Is Good For Your Skin?
Most people donít really enjoy sweating. In fact, sweat can be a large problem when it comes to working out, walking on a hot day, or meeting someone that makes your pulse race. Still, sweat is act...
by Jerzy George  on  16th Jul,09    views 7219

Acne Face Wash--what You Need to Know
If you're like me, you know all too well the feeling of frustration that you get when you try to get rid of a pimple or completely clear your face of acne, only to waste more many at the local CVS...
by Tucker Smith  on  16th Jul,09    views 7218

Why Acne Creams Don't Work
Even though acne is not subject to one particular age demographic, it is preponderant in young people--at one of the most self-conscious stages of life--their teenage years.  The pharmaceutica...
by Tucker Smith  on  16th Jul,09    views 7209

Do You Know That Acne Can be Treated With a Better Diet?
Whenever you are upset or worry about your acne conditions think that there are many ways out. If you are up for natural treatment then a few changes in your lifestyles and diet can ameliorate your...
by Vallerie Vanders  on  16th Jul,09    views 7209

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