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Best Exercise to Get Rid of Man Boobs   By  Anthony J. Howell

One of most embarrassing things a man can experience is having a close friend, relative or even worse, a girlfriend, telling him that he has man boobs More often than not, men with man boobs don't realize that they have them until someone else points them out. In case you are not familiar with the term, man boobs are enlarged male breasts. This article will focus on the best exercise to get rid of man boobs.

So what types of exercises should be performed to treat man boobs?

The answer: Only do exercises that target the upper chest.

So what is the best exercise to get rid of man boobs?

The answer: Not so fast. It will be revealed below. First, I need to explain why the upper chest should be targeted.

Well, it may not be surprising to you that the area of the body we need to concentrate on to get rid of enlarged breasts is the chest. There are many exercises that can be used for chest workouts. Some of the popular ones include the bench press, pushups, the dumbbell fly and cable crossovers. It's now time for the big secret. Most of these exercises focus on the lower chest. If you perform any of these exercises the normal way, you will most likely develop your lower chest which will only make your man boobs appear larger. If you transform these exercises to focus on the upper chest, your upper chest will develop and even out your man boobs while at the same time burning the chest fat.

So again, which is the best exercise to get rid of man boobs?

The answer: The decline pushup.

The decline pushup is the best exercise because you don't need to go to a gym and you don't need any fancy gym equipment. All you need is a chair or a foot stool. To perform a decline pushup, lay with your chest towards the floor, your arms shoulder width apart and palms facing the floor. Raise your feet by resting them on a chair or a foot stool and keep them close together. Right now, your chest should be lowered almost touching the floor, and your legs should be higher than your torso. Your back and legs should also be straight. To perform the pushup, raise your chest by straightening your arms but don't lock your elbows. To breathe correctly, exhale while pushing up, and inhale on your way down. Perform incline pushups 2 to 3 times a week for maximum benefit.

So there you have it, the best exercise to get rid of man boobs is the decline pushup. For more exercises to get rid of enlarged male breasts, as well as other treatments for man boobs visit the website below.

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About the author: Anthony J. Howell can teach you how to lose man breasts. Visit his website to find out more about man boobs.

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