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Today no one can avoid being influenced by advertisements. We are no longer free to choose the things we want, for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us. Advertisers have made a close study of human nature and have classified all our little weaknesses.

I have read the advertisements of 5 top sales volume “natural male enhancement” in western countries, they are all telling you their products are natural and effective, that is no harm and can work! 

May be you need to hear another kind of voice; this voice is coming from Eastern country. Many times we dream to eat different kind of food; but the sad truth is that most of us have been brought up to eat certain foods and we stick to them all our lives. So you need a warmhearted guide. I hope to tell you: You are just making do with second best. 

If there is a product in this world, SANLIDA, is it perfect to you?    
For sexual health preservation:  1 pill per day
For sex therapeutic purpose:  2 pills per day
For prompt improvement of sexuality: 2-3 pills to be taken 2-3 hours before sexual intercourse
For serious cases or for the aging: Dosage to be slightly increased.
After you have taken SANLIDA, if you do not want to engage in sexual intercourse, you will feel full of energy, and life will go on as usual with you, and you will have no unwonted physiological reactions. However, as soon as you are inclined to do it, you will immediately feel a strong passion arising accompanied by an ample supply of energy in your body. Thus, you have truly reached the exquisite state of having your “sex” stirring in full harmony with your heart.

Under the twofold pressure of work and life, the majority of contemporary people are in a sub- healthy state, which manifests itself in the worsening of memory, lowering of concentration, poor male sexuality, sore waist and feeble legs, anxiety and heat in five internal organs, insomnia and excess of dreaming, vertigo and dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, fear of cold and no warmth in the four limbs. SANLIDA is for the men:

?    Being unable to fall asleep within 5 minutes after getting in bed;
?    Having to get up in the night more than two times for urinating;
?    Forgetting about things in excess of once in two weeks;
?    Having too many dreams, being disturbed by dreams four or five nights in a week;
?    Feeling out of breath after climbing five flights of stairs up to the sixth floor, the heartbeat rate becoming more than 120; Feeling sore in the waist after sexual intercourse and also lack of energy and concentration.

Some customers ask us: “After taking SANLIDA for a few weeks I discovered unexpectedly that the symptom of my chronic diseases had ameliorated. Why?”
 A part of those people who are afflicted with prostatic diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or cardiovascular diseases would find that the symptoms had made great improvement since he began to take SANLIDA. This phenomenon pertains to the normal effect of the product. More details:

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