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Muslim Fashion Clothing Is An Art
Muslim fashion clothing is an art which is coming up and spreading very fast as most people love to wear these cloths. Now the more and more Muslim women and girls are coming up and making their ca...
by Jason Stevenson  on  14th Jul,09    views 7178

How to Measure Bra Sizes
Every woman knows she is unique. Her features, sense of humor, interests, and physical shape are parts of her individuality. Her life is largely shaped by genes, traits, and habits, and she works h...
by michaelrussell  on  11th Jul,09    views 7232

How to Buy a Bra for Your Girlfriend or Wife
*I'm not about to call myself a bra expert. After all, I'm a guy; I don't need a bra. I rarely pay attention to their size, shape, or cost. But recently, when I went Christmas shopping for my gi...
by michaelrussell  on  11th Jul,09    views 7225

Proper Bra Sizing: What Every Woman Should Know
Most women do not wear the correct bra size. With monthly water retention cycles, dieting, and general aging, it also should not be assumed that the size you were two years ago is the same size you...
by Jessica Valentine  on  11th Jul,09    views 7319

How to Find a Perfect Bra
Many women have a hard time picking out the bras for themselves. There are many bras available at the bra stores, both online and offline, so it takes a long time to figure out which bra is right f...
by Deal Girls  on  11th Jul,09    views 7232

Sexy High Heels – the Emblem of Feminity
Elegant high heel embodies femininity and glamor! It is an accessory to re-up the natural feminine charm. Although often they are considered to be not very comfortable but why...
by Karunakar  on  11th Jul,09    views 7214

Top 3 Sexy High Heel Sandals of This Summer
High heels are one of the irresistible shoes that no women can stop wearing them. Women die hard for these shoes and yearn to have atleast a single pair of any sexy high heel sandals once in their ...
by Clara Havisham  on  11th Jul,09    views 7220

How to Walk Confidently in Sexy High Heels
Wearing and walking in sexy high heels is a totally different walking experience and it is not too difficult. With a bit of practice, you'll step out in high heels in no time. After you wea...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09    views 7202

Sexy High Heels: 5 Things Why so Many Men are Mad About Them
Have you ever been in this situation? When you were wearing sexy high heels to a mall or public place for example, all eyes especially men’s were directed to you, or when you were with your boyfrie...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09    views 7208

5 Tips for Choosing Sexy High Heels
It is a well known fact that the right pair of high heels can make your feet look sexy. The first rule of high heel shoe shopping is ‘the higher the heel, the more you should spend.’ That doesn't ...
by Ino Souw  on  11th Jul,09    views 7215

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