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Trends in Swimwear for Muslim Women
A revolution in the Muslim women’s swimwear – the burqini or burkini. Burkini means a combination of burqa and bikini. It is a type of swimsuit designed by Lebanese Austrialian designer Aheda Zanet...
by anaya  on  26th Aug,09    views 7168

Muslim Swimwear For Today's Modern Muslimah
All these year's Muslim women have faced the issue of finding an appropriate swimwear which sticks to the Koran, which requires a lady to cover everything except her face, hands and feet.  Th...
by Gabriel Perez  on  26th Aug,09    views 7182

Muslim Women are Subscribing for Swimming Lessons
Finding suitable modest swimwear that respects Islamic principals has now become a thing of the past for modern Muslim women.
The swimsuits previously available on the market were not de...

by Oliver Momeni  on  26th Aug,09    views 7203

Swimming without breaching modesty
Modesty is the 'in'-thing in the swimwear line. The trend is not just confined for Muslim women, but for everyone who feels that it is not necessary to wear a two-piece while going for a swim. Th...
by anaya  on  26th Aug,09    views 7169

With Muslim Swim Wear No Reason To Say No To Beaches
Three years earlier, Muslim women and beaches were considered as odd pairs. It was not a case of Thalassophobia or the fear of sea. Non-availability of right swim wear was blocking the roads for Mu...
by anaya  on  26th Aug,09    views 7193

What is Hijab, Really?
Hijab is a highly misunderstood word, but it is a word that many people are interested in. If one is not Muslim, she'll most likely have a few (or many) misconceptions about what  hijab ...
by Jokima Hamidullah  on  26th Aug,09    views 7195

The Right Islamic Clothing for your Hijabs
Once upon a time there was a jewelry store owner that had a precious pearl that he loved very dearly. He showed it off in the shop's window and made sure it was visible for everyone that passes by...
by Groshan Fabiola  on  26th Aug,09    views 7188

Designer Islamic Clothing
When people think of Islamic clothing, they tend to picture dark, uninspiring cloth that drapes from ones head to her feet. But   Islamic clothing for women   can be as modern a...
by Precious Modesty  on  26th Aug,09    views 7202

Introduction to Islamic Clothing
Traditional    As we all know the Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world. The people who follow Islam are spread all over the world; hence therir...
by Jason Stevenson  on  26th Aug,09    views 7178

How to Find Traditional and Modern Islamic Clothing
Islamic clothing and modest fashions are popular among Muslims in the U.S. and other individuals who enjoy a more modest sense of style. Some of the styles are very traditional with heavy embroderi...
by Jokima Hamidullah  on  26th Aug,09    views 7172

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